Season 1 Episode 4 – Any Second Now

Directed by: Robert Altmann
Written by: Gene Levitt
Release: 23 Oct 1962

This was an interesting study that’s a foray away from the usual gun firing at each other model that Combat usually has.

While Saunders is nodding out in the jeep, Hanley tells Doc that they’re going back to Division for debriefing. Obviously, they have completed an arduous mission which is why Saunders needed sleep.

They roll into an unnamed village. Hanley wants to get something to eat but the only thing Saunders wants to do is to get some sleep.

While Hanley is in the cafe, he’s trying to order something to drink and eat but not able to conjure up the words to the proprietor.

Hanley making a Swedish toast “Mig Skol. Alla vackra flickor skol.” Which means “Here’s to me. Here’s to all the pretty girls.”

That’s when a young British nurse named Anne Farrell helps him out and orders for him. Hanley then invites himself to sit with her with a couple of glasses to share some wine with. He’s quickly told by Anne that she’s waiting for somebody.

The guy she’s waiting for shows up but after seeing her sitting with Hanley, he becomes broody and sits at the bar and pouts. His name is David Woodward, a British bomb disposal officer. Anne tries to talk to him since she hasn’t seen him in a long time.

Right then, an air raid siren goes off and Hanley and Anne head to the cellar. David refuses to go, being obstinate.

After the air raid is over, Hanley departs to search for some food. David and Anne remain in the cafe going over what went wrong between them. Hanley heads down the road when another air raid siren goes off.

This time Woodward hears what he thinks is an unexploded bomb. He insists on checking it out, even as Anne tells him that it’s not his responsibility.

He discovers the bomb inside a church. He decides that the safest course of action would be to blow the bomb in place. All of a sudden, the rubble moves and then Hanley tries to make his way out only his leg is pinned under a beam. Hanley says that he thinks his leg is broken.

Hanley trapped under the beam. Breaking his leg.

This is the first time that I’ve seen Hanley injured or wounded. If his leg is broken, it would take months of healing plus physical therapy in order for it to be fully operational. (let us move on)

At this point, David is forced to face his fears to deactivate the bomb. According to Anne, David is a man on the verge and about ready to snap from all the stress and exhaustion of his job.

We see some good acting along the way as David carefully goes through the process of deactivating it.

He is forced to act in a hurry when yet another air raid hits and the danger of the bomb is increased should the anti disturbance fuse go off. David describes it as a strong spring, inside another strong spring which will make contact if the bomb was suddenly jarred or disturbed in any way. He said, even the rumbling of a passing truck could set it off.

David tapping the anti disturbance fuse. This was supposed to be stressful. I can imagine it would’ve been. If it did go off… you wouldn’t know it though, would you?

He gets it out and throws it to make it explode. He then takes out the time bomb fuse, which coincidentally goes off less than a half a minute later in the other room where he put it, leaving us to guess that it was done only at the nick of time.

Did he leave the special tool in there as well? Those things can’t be easy to find. What would happen if there’s another bomb that he was required to diffuse?

It ends with Saunders finding Hanley and then sitting down to go fast asleep in a comical fashion.

Nobody kills anybody in this episode.
Hanley is wounded. (Injured actually. I don’t know if they would count that as a war wound?)







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