I made this post just so I can list down observations as I see them.

  • Rifle Grenades – Here’s the thing about Rifle Grenades. The squad is always getting pinned down by a machine gun nest or a bunch of Germans. They always have to find some way to get close enough to throw a grenade in. In the earlier episodes, you see them using Rifle Grenades a few times against entrenched positions . Why couldn’t the squad always carry about 3 or 4 Rifle Grenades for every mission in case they get pinned down? I’m not sure how accurate they were though. I can imagine that it would’ve been a guessing game and you had to adjust your fire for a second or third lob. Still, it’s better than having to go through machine gun fire to throw one in.
  • Picking up spare ammo – Here’s one of my favorite gripes. If you pick up an enemy weapon, say a MP-40 or a KAR 98, why don’t they ever pick up any spare ammo? Once you expend the ammo in your weapon, it’s only good to be used for a very awkward club.
  • Unrealistic delay from the time the bullet gets fired until it hits the cover where the guys are. It takes like a half a second and they always have time to duck under cover before the bullet arrives.
  • Why don’t they always bring a spare SCR-536 Walkie Talkie with them for every mission? They’re always losing contact with headquarters because the backpack radio got shot up or the Walkie Talkie that they brought with them broke down. It would make so much more sense just to bring a spare.

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