Lt. Gil Hanley

Rick Jason Autograph

Lt. Gil Hanley, played by Rick Jason.

We really only hear his first name Gil, when a comely girl that he’s dating calls him that.

It’s easy to see why women would be attracted to him. Lt. Hanley filled out a dress uniform very handsomely. When the men were waiting in England for the invasion, Hanley had his moments on liberty and his fun.

By the time he was in England, he had 3 stripes up and 2 lower rocker stripes which meant that he was a Sargent First Class. It probably meant that he was a Platoon Sargent. It was hard to tell.

He was given a battlefield commission after the invasion. Can’t imagine what he did to deserve that. Also, the difference in pay between being a Sargent First Class and a Lieutenant couldn’t have been that much. Besides, as a 2nd Lieutenant, you have to take a lot of crap from both the brass above and the men below. Yet, he appeared to do a great job with a lot of confidence as if he had gone to West Point or something.

Hanley and M1 Carbine. Usually when he’s looking through his sights, he’s a deadly shot

Lt. Hanley prefers to carry a M1 Carbine. Whenever they’re in a fire fight, you can always hear the distinctive “Ping, Ping” sounding shots that’re coming from Hanley’s weapon. He also carries a .45 in a holster, which was normal for Platoon Leaders.

The M1 Carbine was issued for this type of usage because of it’s lighter weight than the M1 Garand for personnel like a Platoon Leader or personnel with other heavier weapons or comms equipment or people that worked in the rear, etc.


Hanley always took his orders and did the best that he could to carry out his mission. He would often lead the patrol himself, designating it his command. He was also never one to shirk the dangerous jobs, often taking them on himself. Like lobbing a grenade into an enemy position, etc.

He got in a few comedic roles but only in the straight man roll. He’s the guy that you would see how much you could get away with. Always the serious and judgemental face as typical of a 2nd Lt., but every once in awhile he would grace us with those million dollar smiles.

As with all the major characters, he has been wounded numerous times.

Time wounded –

Escape to Nowhere                – lying concussed in street probably from artillery



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