MkII Hand Grenade

When your squad is pinned down by the enemy, what do you do? You send a couple of guys like Caje and Kirby to flank their position and lob in a couple of grenades of course. Isn’t that what they always did in Combat?

“What am I supposed to do with these Sarge?”

The MkII was developed during the latter part of WWII and saw usage all the way into the Vietnam war era.

This was the ubiquitous piece of equipment that you saw hanging off of the G.I.’s web gear, haversack or as in the case of Saunders, tucked in his jacket where he kept everything else.

Popularly known also as the “pineapple” because of the unique shape of the body and the fragmentation segments which is designed to fly in every direction upon explosion.


The interior of the grenade contained the explosive which was either a EC powder which required an ignition fuse or TNT, which used a detonating fuse.

The time delay for explosion was always 4-5 seconds.

Before I went into the Army, I was always under the impression that you should “cook-off” the time delay when throwing the grenade to prevent the enemy from grabbing it and throwing it out before it explodes. I can tell you from experience, that once you release the spoon, there is no way that you will want to hang on to the grenade for any longer than absolute necessary. You pull the pin, prepare to throw, throw!

The kill radius of these was around 5 meters and capable of causing serious injury up to 15 meters. However, grenades have been known to cause injury as far away as 350 meters from flying pieces.


The funny thing about Combat is that when the Americans throw grenades, they’re able to do it just fine, but when the Germans try to throw one of their potato masher grenades, they always seem to get the guy as he’s in the act of throwing.

Also, those potato mashers seem to have a really long fuse on them because Saunders or one of them are always picking them up and throwing them back out again.

Temple getting ready to lob one into a window where a German machine gun nest is

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