Pvt. Braddock – Rifleman

He was played by Shecky Green for 8 different episodes.

Braddock with his typical confused look

They included him for comic relief along with a few other characters, such as Billy Nelson. These comedic characters were somewhat of a contradiction because on the one hand, they were funny, yet they were also required to carry out acts of violence as well.

In the episode called The Prisoner, Braddock says his name is – “Braddock, Sir Braddock” (to Colonel Clyde) and “Braddock, Buck Private Braddock” to the Germans who captured him, so he never says his first name.

During the scenes that you see him, they will often play a goofy sounding theme song in the background alerting you to comedic scenes to come.

They don’t ever get into any back story with Braddock like where he’s from or his family. You do get the impression that he comes from a big city though. He’s a confessed “Gold Brick” which means somebody that is always trying to find ways to get out of details. (work)

He’s not particularly brave, but he does do his job when ordered to, such as providing cover fire. A lot of guys freeze up during combat and cannot even manage to do that much.

In one episode called “Far From the Brave”, Braddock carried a chicken for the entire episode, even during the firefights. He was determined to make some kind of fancy dish with it.

Braddock holding a chicken and Little John





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