Andrea Darvi

I'm including Andrea Darvi because she is in 4 episodes, one in which she has a prominent leading role and the rest as strong characters as a surviving French girl. She is even in one episode uncredited but I saw her among the children. After her brief show business career, she left it in 1966 … Continue reading Andrea Darvi


Season 1 Episode 23 – Survival

Directed: Robert Altman Written: John D.F. Black Released: 12 Mar 1963 The squad is in a village waiting while a patrol of Germans comes into it. They open up on them but unfortunately they're all low on ammunition. After a tank rolls into the village, the guys are forced to put a white flag out … Continue reading Season 1 Episode 23 – Survival

Season 1 Episode 21 – No Time For Pity

Directed: Bernard McEveety Written: Steven Rich Released: 26 Feb 1963 The guys in the squad are in a village called Vernay, which is way south of Paris.¬†Hanley says that the 21st bypassed the village 5 days before. Kirby, as usual, complains about having to mop up all these small villages. This episode is pretty sinister … Continue reading Season 1 Episode 21 – No Time For Pity

Season 1 Episode 15 – Just For The Record

Directed: Laso Benedek Written: William Bast Released: 15 Jan 1963 This was a pretty interesting episode. Once again, Combat! revisits conflicting conscious among their characters. This one in the form of Annette, a French woman that gets caught up inside a resistance ring while hitching a ride to Paris. She is played by Micheline Presle. … Continue reading Season 1 Episode 15 – Just For The Record