Andrea Darvi

I'm including Andrea Darvi because she is in 4 episodes, one in which she has a prominent leading role and the rest as strong characters as a surviving French girl. She is even in one episode uncredited but I saw her among the children. After her brief show business career, she left it in 1966 … Continue reading Andrea Darvi


Pvt. Braddock – Rifleman

He was played by Shecky Green for 8 different episodes. They included him for comic relief along with a few other characters, such as Billy Nelson. These comedic characters were somewhat of a contradiction because on the one hand, they were funny, yet they were also required to carry out acts of violence as well. … Continue reading Pvt. Braddock – Rifleman

Sgt. “Chip” Saunders

Sgt. "Chip" Saunders played by Vic Morrow. He's the prototypical, no nonsense, alpha male type of squad leader. Saunders was a hardened veteran from the African and Italian campaigns, where he was wounded and earned a Purple Heart. His age is around 25 years old. Home town is (probably) Cleveland, Ohio. After Aftica and Italy, … Continue reading Sgt. “Chip” Saunders